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*Why do I do, what I do?*
I have a passion for people.  I love seeing people being happy, healthy, full of the joy of life, confident and successful in all aspects in life. So it is my passion to become every day a little bit better than yesterday, to help each and everyone I meet and who trusts me  to believe in themselves and help them to develop where they need it the most. Of course my passion is nutrition and a healthy lifestyle first. We are what we eat and in a healthy body lives a healthy mind/soul.

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Forget about the scale!

Measure your waist line and check the waistlines from you loved ones!Read more ...



to find out HOW YOU CAN SHAPE UP!

- no starving- no diet- no hectic gym routine

LEARN ABOUT - how you can have more energy and feel great.

Feel the difference already WHILE you are on your 6- DAY TRIAL 

Contact me for more info on whatsapp 072 134 3652

Coach Bea

(if you join on a 6 day trial with 3 friends or colleagues you will receive a free gift)

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Summer bodies are made in WINTER!
at YOUR OFFICE with colleagues
or at YOUR HOME with friends/family (min. 3 people)
Have like-minded people around you!
whatsapp for more information "21 Day weight loss challenge" to 072 134 3652
Coach Bea


starting now - contact me for more information 

send a whatsapp to 072 134 3652


TUESDAY AND THURSDAY 6am - yes in the morning!

And you will have a GREAT DAY!


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Hi - while I was running this morning - I thought about all the excuses we have and miss out on living our life to the fullest.

Being productive, successful, excited, enjoying life - doesn't come to us - we need to get up and get it!

So I decided to start this serie - NO EXCUSES.

Follow me and perhaps you lose all your excuses. Share it and you get more people inspired.

Up to you - excuses?


I enjoy a healthy active lifestyle - even when I need to put my excuses every morning aside and put myself into action (it's called discipline)- but I am doing it for the feeling I have afterwards. I am 50 - no excuses! I want to stay fit - if I don't look well after myself - others must look after me one day. And I can tell you - I don't want that others need to look after me because I didn't do anything regarding prevention.

And I am proud - here is my dad with 77 years old. While I am going for my run - he rides the bicycle and my mum also 77 years old is doing her stretching class. They are with me for holiday - but they also want to stay fit while they are enjoying 3 month holiday in South Africa.


Please don't think you are too old - find reasons to be active. Take today the staircase instead of the elevator. Stand while you are on the phone on your desk or even makes squats while standing. Go for a walk in your lunch break. So many little things we can to. JUST DO IT!

#noexcuses #changeyourthinkingchangeyourlife #wellness #healthyactivelifestyle #earnwhatyouareworth


I am looking forward to hear about your activity today. Have an awesome day!Read more ...

Sensational result - I am so proud of you Wendy & Melvin!

You inspire EVERYONE!


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Ready to optimize your nutrition?

Do you want to get into shape?

Need more energy?

Want to feel great?


This challenge is alot of fun - all done on whatsapp.

How to get started...  - send us a whatsapp message on 072 134 3652 - and say "I am in"

...and we will send you all information to get started.

We often blame ‘slow metabolism’ for our inability to keep our weight under control. But what is metabolism, exactly? And, is there anything we can do to change our metabolic rate?

Metabolism refers to all the chemical processes that take place in the body in order to sustain life – processes that allow you to breathe, pump blood, keep your brain functioning and extract energy from your food. Your basal metabolic rate refers to the number of calories your body uses each day, at rest, just to keep all your vital organs functioning.

The metabolic rate is directly related to your body composition. Every pound of body fat you have burns only about 2 calories a day. But the rest of you – your lean body mass – burns about 14 calories per pound each day. A big portion of your lean body mass is made up of muscle, so one of the best things you can do to boost your metabolic rate is to build up muscle through strength training. And, make sure to take in adequate protein from the diet, which helps to build and maintain lean muscle, too.

Here are the facts surround five myths about metabolism:

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Myth: Aging slows your metabolism.
Truth: People do tend to put on weight as they get older – but it’s typically because they tend to exercise less, or less vigorously, than they used to – and that means fewer calories burned per day. As a result, loss of muscle mass can occur which reduces the body’s lean body mass – which results in a slower metabolic rate. Cardiovascular exercise to burn calories and strength training to preserve or build up muscle are great defenses against age-related weight gain.

Myth: You’re stuck with the metabolism you have and you can’t change it.
Truth: While it may appear that there are people who eat all the time and never seem to gain, chances are they make healthy, relatively low calorie selections naturally. Many of these “lucky” people also burn more calories simply because they move more - they might fidget more, or get up from their desks frequently during the day to stretch, or walk down the hall to talk to a colleague instead of e-mailing. So, once you’ve made the commitment to boost your metabolism by building more muscle, use those muscles more by moving around frequently throughout the day.

Myth: You burn more calories digesting ice-cold foods and beverages than foods that are room temperature or warmer.
Truth: In a laboratory, very slight increases in calorie burn have been measured in people who drink very cold beverages. But the change is too small (amounting to about 10 more calories burned per day) to have any meaningful impact on weight loss.

Myth: If you cut calories, your metabolic rate will slow down, so what’s the point?
Truth: It is true that your metabolic rate can slow a bit when you cut calories – your body’s natural inclination is to try to conserve calories as best it can. But, these decreases are relatively small, and if you become more active as you lose weight, you can offset these small changes. With a combination of diet AND exercise, you can help to preserve the rate at which your body burns calories.

Myth: If you stop eating at night, when your metabolism is slower, you’ll lose more weight.
Truth: When people lose weight because they stop eating after a certain time of day, it’s only because they’ve cut their overall calorie consumption - not because they are eating their calories earlier in the day. Consuming all your calories before the sun goes down won’t speed up your weight loss unless you also eat fewer calories than you need.
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Tip - try our Herbal Beverage instead of too much coffee
Tip - try THERMO COMPLETE mid morning & mid afternoon 1-2 tablets
Tip - see me for a free wellness assessment

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Yes I enjoyed the challenge very much, and yes I would recommend it to everyone I know, I would rate my experience as 10, because I could not fault anything, its always interesting, so much to learn, I feel great and i'm happy and in a much better space in life than I was before I joined the 21-day-challenge.Thank you

Kind Regards   Jackie

Are you interested to join the next challenge - send your email address to 072 134 3652 (sms or whatsapp) to receive a pre-book form and all details.

Next one is starting soon!

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Friday 6pm YES WE DID IT and YES WE WILL DO IT AGAIN - because it feels soooo good - you can join us for a 5K  in Milnerton - our goal - we are doing an official 5K, soon a 10k together! Walk or run...just move (y)our bodies!

At the end of  the day - you are not competing with anybody - just with yourself!


Leanne, Tamsin and Carrie-Anne - thank for being an awesome buddy, because of commitment to each other - we did it!

Find a buddy or join us - become acitve!


We are coaches for a healthy active lifestyle & we love what we do!Read more ...

At the end of the day I am a summary of habits. Good ones and hopefully not too many bad ones.

We are what we are repeatedly do.

Excellend, then is not an act but a habit.

So first we must become aware of our habits and which ones would benefit us to change.

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