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Excited - Act Now!

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Hi - while I was running this morning - I thought about all the excuses we have and miss out on living our life to the fullest.

Being productive, successful, excited, enjoying life - doesn't come to us - we need to get up and get it!

So I decided to start this serie - NO EXCUSES.

Follow me and perhaps you lose all your excuses. Share it and you get more people inspired.

Up to you - excuses?


I enjoy a healthy active lifestyle - even when I need to put my excuses every morning aside and put myself into action (it's called discipline)- but I am doing it for the feeling I have afterwards. I am 50 - no excuses! I want to stay fit - if I don't look well after myself - others must look after me one day. And I can tell you - I don't want that others need to look after me because I didn't do anything regarding prevention.

And I am proud - here is my dad with 77 years old. While I am going for my run - he rides the bicycle and my mum also 77 years old is doing her stretching class. They are with me for holiday - but they also want to stay fit while they are enjoying 3 month holiday in South Africa.


Please don't think you are too old - find reasons to be active. Take today the staircase instead of the elevator. Stand while you are on the phone on your desk or even makes squats while standing. Go for a walk in your lunch break. So many little things we can to. JUST DO IT!

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I am looking forward to hear about your activity today. Have an awesome day!Pa.jpg?i=371

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