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 The difference of having body definition! You are well on track George – Congratulations!

80.5 kg: 24.2 % Body Fat                             75,9 kg: 21,7 % Body Fat

George says: He is using the Herbalife shake Formula 1 in lactose-free low fat milk
(2 scoops of shake plus 1 scoop of rebuild strength or 3 scoops of the Formula 1)
first thing in the morning, then gym. After gym REBUILD STRENGTH.
He eats every 3 hours. Snack is either the EXPRESS BAR or the PROTEIN BAR.

Lunch either healthy food or shake and dinner is healthy food (protein with veggies or salad)
He also takes Herbalife Multivitamin, Fiber&Herb, Herbalifeline and Thermotjetics Complete
He feels great, he can perform better at his sport and doesn’t feel so bloated and his digestion is working much better than before.

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