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May I introduce you to a wonderful couple from Prince Albert.




& ATTENDED THEIR FIRST LDW AND WERE ALREADY QUALIFIED FOR THE SPECIAL LEADERS SECTION ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON. They have fantastic results on the products and this made them excited to help others to feel as good as they feel.


They have started not long ago and developed a solid (very part time) Herbalife business.  

Based on the success formula 15-10-51.  They are looking actually after 6 clients.

They love their fit camp  (which helps them to be accountable for their own exercise), they are building their business through the 6day Healthy Breakfast Challenges & 21 Day Challenges on whatsapp.


Their awesome sponsor Nicolene Mandeka  lives 3 hrs drive away.

They work shifts in their full time jobs and have also to look after their children.


So they had very quickly learnt - to attend the BBS seminar once a month and to attend all online webinars is crucial to learn and apply the skills. They earn now a solid extra part time income which gives them more flexibility in their lifestyle. 

They have mastered to build and maintain a customer base of 6 clients plus 4 members in their team and one of these members is following exactly their foot prints - ANTHEA DELPORT hast just qualified with 3 consecutive month 500+ ppv  for the magic luxury branded gift - the blender NutriBullet.


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