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Dropped a few kgs on the scale. Friends said - Bea eat normal again you are looking not good. I was exhausted all the time. And....what can I tell you - when I started to eat normal again ...I gained fat around my hips and belly (I lost it always on the wrongs spots and gained fat on the wrong spots) - till I learnt, it is not about starving myself.  Actually this created all my craving for the pizzas and chocolates and bread...My head was always spinning and thinking about food.

I will share with you in this blog more about my journey and perhaps it helps you and inspires you - today, I am 49 - can keep up with 20 year olds, have energy like crazy, and have a good sporty shape (not thin and not fat - sporty, lean - as I always wanted to be and this is what I maintain since 20 years -since I learnt (what I will share with you) and just feel sooooo good. Where do you want to be in the next 30 days? I am aiming now for under 20% body fat. I will share with what I do and about my progress. What is your goal in the next 30 days?


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