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So, why drink water?

Your body is 60% water and needs a lot of water because every day you lose 1.7 litres simply through normal living. (Eating, breathing, perspiring, going to the loo. etc) therefore it is important we have at least 2 litres of water per day if our water levels are normal.

If your total body water shows too low: (contact me to find out about your body composition and total body water %)

It is recommended to drink per 25-30kg of body weight 1 l of water.

Drink the water throughout the day. For example per hour 1 glass of 250ml.

If you want to lose body fat  - if you want to build more lean muscle, it is essential that you support your body with the right amount of water intake!

Dehydration can result in:

Weight Gain – Fatigue – Migraines – Constipation - Muscle Cramps

Increased Blood Pressure - Kidney Problems - Dry Skin / Mouth

If you need more flavour in your water, we suggest:

-         Add a few slices of lemon or cucumber or orange or strawberry or ginger or mint leaves.


-       For more tips contact us!

And remember always ...DON'T SAY I CAN'T - find a way HOW, especially when it benefits you (counts for everything in life) - JUST DO IT! (make your life excuse free)

Cheers to your Health!

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