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 Peppermint Crisp Tart.peppermint.jpg?i=887
Grate choc chip F1 bars, mix with sugar free peanut butter and press into a glass dish as a crust.
Make a mousse with F1 Choc Mint and greek yoghurt and place a layer over the crust.
Then grated F1 choc chip bars (no peanut butter this time)
Then another layer of F1 Mousse
Repeat again
Finally end off with a grated Vanilla Almond Protein bars and some fresh mint to garnish.
Leave in fridge but serve within an hour.
I usually make just before Sunday dinner and serve directly after.
You can make these individual in smaller bowls too.
Hope it works for you, Afrikaans families love their pudding and this is super sweet and good for you!