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Tuna salad with chopped green pepper (or tomato or celery) and 1 chopped boiled egg and 1 scoop of cottage cheese and 1/4 mashed soft avo - mix all and add spices like pepper and salt to taste. No mayo needed!

Enjoy with a cloud bread.

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Read more ...1 small chopped onion

100g sliced fresh mushrooms

1 chopped carrot

1 chopped tomato

1 tin of tuna

Chilli to taste

1 fried egg

1/4 Avocado

Balsamic vinegar


Fry onions, mushrooms, carrot, tomato, tuna and chilli in a pan

Fry an egg on both sides

Cut avocado into blocks and put over salad together with some fresh herbs

Use a little balsamic vinegar as a salad dressing






Hot Chocolate      

250 ml hot water

2 scoops of Formula 1 chocolate

1 scoop of Rebuild strength

(if you don’t have Rebuild Strength – don’t worry – it’s just extra tasty protein)

1 scoop of PDM

Be careful when blending / or in shaker (explodes because of heat)

You can also mix cold and give in a cup for 1 min into the micro wave

Variations : add coffee granules (moccca) or cinnamon or chilli flakes


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Read more ...Use seasonal fruit with no added sugar

Place on plate and place in the deep freezer

When the fruit is frozen you can fill it in a bag or a box

Perfect to add to shakes

Read more ...250ml Plain Fat Free Yoghurt

2 scoops Toffee-Apple-Cinnamon Formula 1

1/2 Cup Mixed Fruit and Berries (seasonal)


Eat your shake with a spoon!


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250ml lactose free  milk

OR 250-300ml water & 1-2 scoops PDM

2 scoops Formula 1 Chocolate

10 Pecanut halves

1 scoop multi fibre drink

Blend with 4-5 ice cubes

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250ml lactose free & low fat milk


OR 250-300ml water with 1-2 scoops of PDM


2/3 cup fresh pineapple


1/3 cup of fresh or grated cocnut


2 scoops Formula 1 Cookies & Cream or Tropical


Blend with 4-5 ice cubes

The way this lady looks - I love the confidence how she appears now.

I am super proud of you Tara-Lee - well done! 

Look at her - isn't this awesome! Can you see the difference?


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